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With the MiLi iPhone Power Pack, you can enjoy your movies, music, phone calls and internet surfing without worrying about the iPhone battery running out! This portable charger can recharge your iPhone to 100% one and half times when the Mili is fully charged!

Real life example: My iPhone 3G runs for one day (8am to 8pm) I use it constantly. So when I am unable to charge it, I lose my ability to communicate and download Emails etc, which are all vital functions for me. I used to carry a seperate phone as a backup! This Mili iPhone Power Pack lets me go up to 2 1/2 days without a power source!

Available in colors shown below as well all black and all white!

You will love the Mili Powerpack!~

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Buy Mili Powerpack for iPhone Now!


mili power pack for iPhone- color selections

Buy Mili Powerpack for iPhone Now!


MiLi power pack is compatible with iphone 2G, 3G1.1, 3G2.1, ipod, and other electronic products.


The MiLi power pack is warranted for 1-year from the date of purchase. Be sure to register your product in order to activate warranty. Please follow the instructions contained in your MiLi Power Pack in order to get the best use out of this fantastic product!



This information provided by Mili: Our goal is to achieve ZERO defects before shipping. We have tested all battery cells with High Temperature Test(HTT)technology using the latest EU standards. MiLi power pack has received CE approval, with ISO9001-2000 certificate, and passed SGS inspection and meets the RoHS standard as an earth-friendly product.

mili power pack for iPhone- color selections

Buy Mili Powerpack for iPhone Now!


iPhone Mili Powerpack, battery extender

Buy Mili Powerpack for iPhone Now!

MiLi Battery Charge Meter

Press the MiLi power meter button to display the charge indicator lights. The LED lights will show you the percentage of remaining battery life in the MiLi power pack. Read the blue LED indicator lights from left to right as follows and as shown on left:

* 1st LED = 0-25% MiLi charge remaining
* 2nd LED = 25-50% MiLi charge remaining
* 3rd LED = 50-75% MiLi charge remaining
* 4th LED = 75-100% MiLi charge remaining


MiLi’s Smart Power Chip and Charging Priorities

When the iPhone is connected to the MiLi Power Pack, the MiLi’s internal smart chip efficiently prioritizes power consumption. If the MiLi is being charged, the iPhone’s consumption comes first from the USB power source. When the MiLi is not being charged, the iPhone’s power consumption comes from the MiLi battery. The iPhone will continue to use the battery until the MiLi’s remaining charge is less than 5 percent. When the MiLi battery is less than 5% charged, the internal iPhone battery power source is used. The iPhone battery power source is always used last so it can maintain its maximum charge.

* 1st Priority: iPhone uses USB outlet power source while the MiLi is being charged
* 2nd Priority: iPhone uses MiLi power pack battery
* 3rd Priority: iPhone switches to Internal iPhone battery

Thanks to MiLi's smart chip you can extend your overall iPhone battery life by using the iPhone’s internal battery only when it's absolutely necessary. Feel like slimming down? Just disconnect the iPhone from the MiLi and you will have a fully charged phone to take with you. Leave your MiLi to charge and re-attach to the iPhone as needed.

Charging the MiLi Power Pack

Charging the MiLi is easy. Just use the included standard USB cable. Connect the mini USB end to the input labeled as “IN” on the MiLi. Then connect the other end of the cable to any USB 2.0 or 1.1 compatible power source outlet. Forgot where you placed your iPhone cable? No worries, now you can use the mini USB cables to charge your iPhone when inserted into the MiLi Powerpack!!



iPhone 2G and 3G


Battery Capacity: 2000 mAh
Standby time: 390 Hours
Talk time: 6.5 hours on 3G, 13.5 hours on 2G
Internet use: 6.5 hours on 3G, 8 hours on Wi-Fi
Audio play: 31 hours
Video play: 9 hours

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